The Membership

  • Access to a forever-growing library of handouts for both YOU and PARENTS. 
  • A tool at your fingertips to use with your entire caseload (especially those pain point areas).
  • Access to both digital and print and go resources to meet your SLP needs.
  • Activities to send home to promote carryover of speech and language skills. 
  • Professional development that is practical and actionable.  
  • A community of like-minded speech-language pathologists to bounce ideas off each other. 



NEW PD!!!!

Early Intervention Academy was created for the SLP wanting a strong knowledge base of the birth to three population; resulting in efficient and effective therapy sessions, successful parent coaching, and carryover into a child's natural environments. This in-depth course is an A-Z guide and offers professional development hours, as well as numerous must-have handouts.



Grab this handy handout for the building blocks to verbal language. The perfect visual to show parents! 


Hi! I'm Erin!

Owner of Speech Tea, LLC

Founder of The Speech Therapy Toolbox

I've experienced first-hand what it's like to be an overwhelmed SLP, with a big caseload, and totally lost when it came to certain clients.

I've also experienced what it's like to have a ready-to-go set of tools. Ready to go handouts. Ready to go for what walked through my therapy room door.  

More than anything else, I want to help you with that today.

If you're a pediatric SLP, whether it be in the schools, clinic, private practice, home health, or teletherapy, you owe it to yourself to experience first-hand what it feels like to have a time-saving, one-stop shop for resources for your entire caseload.

And if you're an SLP looking to grow as an early interventionist, well you're in luck. Because EI is totally my jam and I'm excited to bring practical professional development to SLPs.

I personally look forward to serving you and watching you thrive!

A small sample of what people are saying...

"As an SLP in the school setting, The Speech Therapy Toolbox has been a lifesaver. It has helped me manage my entire caseload from planning sessions and implementing evidence based practice to behavior management and parent education. I can't recommend this subscription enough!"

-Megan M.

"Even after being a speech language pathologist for 10 years, this toolbox has been a lifesaver in my therapy room!  There are so many more things than you can imagine included already, and it’s still growing!  And I can’t forget to mention the monthly extras!  Continuing education sent straight to your inbox, as well as monthly activities.  This is a must have for any SLP, veteran or early years."

-Lindsay H.

"This The Speech Therapy Toolbox is a pediatric staple! There is a resource to target every single goal on your caseload. The best part is that it's not only materials! There are monthly emails, videos and a Facebook group to bounce ideas off of! I recommend the Speech Therapy Toolbox to all SLPs that are in need of those foundational materials." 

-Roxanna B.