I feel you, friend!


We've all been there. A new client is outside our comfort zone or we get that feeling of 'where the heck do I even begin?' That's where I come in!  I’ve put together a therapy toolbox just for you so that you regain your confidence as a clinician no matter who walks through your door.


Reclaim Your Confidence

Whether you need assistance with fluency strategies, pragmatic language intervention, or another area, you'll find a tool in your toolbox. Feel confident in your approach with each client!

Save Time

No need to look for materials, research strategies, or dust off your grad school books, Speech Therapy Toolbox is here to save you time! 




Digital Included

Did you know all of speech therapy toolbox tools are digital friendly? Whether you are doing teletherapy or in person and want to save on paper, we’ve got the tools for you. 




What can you expect from the membership?

Inside your speech therapy toolbox, you’ll find tools for intervention, screening, informal assessment, progress monitoring, parent/therapist handouts, and so much more.  

Exclusive Content

Download monthly materials ONLY available to Speech Therapy Toolbox members. These materials won't be offered anywhere else!

Therapy Videos

Grow your skillset through monthly videos (just for members!), focusing on a specific topic and implementation strategies.

Member-Only FB Group

This members-only group is tight-knit! Connect with members, discuss therapy ideas for tools within the toolbox, and more!



Thats $18/month to get allll of this!

  • Immediate access to a vast library of speech therapy tools.
  • Exclusive materials ONLY offered in the membership. 
  • Monthly bonus homework activities to send home for carryover. 
  • Monthly video with therapy tip and corresponding handout. 
  • Access to a private FB group community to learn, collaborate, share ideas, and more! 

Let US do the heavy lifting


With your limited time, it's difficult to keep in the know about therapy approaches, have materials prepped, and plan therapy in advance. We're here to help.


"As an SLP in the school setting, The Speech Therapy Toolbox has been a lifesaver. It has helped me manage my entire caseload from planning sessions and implementing evidence based practice to behavior management and parent education. I can't recommend this subscription enough!"

-Megan M.

"This is truly a one stop shop for my entire caseload. Whenever I need guidance on a client, a parent handout, a quick therapy tool, this is where I'll come."

-Ashley B.


"The Speech Therapy Toolbox is everything I wish I had during my CF and something I’m so grateful to have now going into my 3rd year! Anything and everything you could think of is included! I feel ready for whatever comes into my therapy room next!"

-Shelby SLP



If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! [email protected]

After bringing thousands of SLPs tools for their speech room, I’ve created this toolbox for SLPs who: 

  • Are a new SLP still learning their skillsets. 

  • Feel uncomfortable treating a certain area (I.e. fluency, pragmatics) 

  • Want a one-stop shop for screening, assessment, and progress monitoring tools. 

  • Have limited planning time and need something for each student that walks through their door. 

  • Want to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals who help each other grow in their skill set, support each other, and help develop new resources to meet their caseload needs. 


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